February 3, 2023

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Leave the forests alone? If only it were that simple

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Is a solution to climate change as easy as saying, “Leave our forests standing?” No. As with most climate change issues, the answer is far more nuanced than a blanket statement. 

Jonathan Bruno

The carbon stored in trees and vegetation comes from the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere drawn into the plants during photosynthesis. Carbon is also found in soil from decaying vegetation. That stored carbon is released into the environment when the tree decomposes or burns in a fire. The amount of carbon stored in a forest depends on the species and growing conditions of the trees.

Clearly, deforestation worldwide is a massive issue, and forests are a natural carbon sink. However, the relationship between climate change and decades of a hands-off attitude toward forest management is…

Jonathan Bruno

2022-08-16 01:30:00

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