June 13, 2024

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Gun owners are not the enemy

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Mass shootings must stop! Right?!

I write this defense of the “pro-gun” position understanding it will not be received well by gun control folks. But I hope they make it to the end where I will recommend changes that the gun folks will hate. Most Americans believe that public safety and personal well-being are the highest of priorities. Beyond that, we separate into the pro-gun and gun-control positions. That default is a missed opportunity and my aim is to bridge the divide.

There are a few universal traits of responsible gun owners: a belief in protecting themselves and others from threats; a healthy respect for the power and danger of weapons; knowledge of their weapons, and a desire to train and learn; and enjoyment of the sport of hunting or marksmanship.

Almost all gun owners…

John Brackney

2023-05-02 06:05:34

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